McIntire's Mini Mansion 


Welcome to Our Little Mansion

A tid bit about me...

    McIntire's Mini Mansion was established in June of 2016. We are a small homestead on 1.3 acres in the rural area of Canyon Texas.  I Candice McIntire am the founder, owner and operator of our little homestead, but none of this would be possible if it wasn't for the love and support of my husband Johnny and our two sons Wyatt and Jaiden. 

    I have always had a passion for all critters big, small and broken since I was a little girl and over the years the love has never stopped growing. Currently on our homestead I care and tend to over 99+ critters at any given time. I am a hobby breeder of Pedigreed African Pygmy Hedgehogs, AFRMA Fancy Rats, Nigerian Pygmy Goats and a large variety of Poultry and Waterfowl. Over the years I have taken in numerous critters that were abandoned, forgotten and left behind, I have raised many orphans and tame the feral for rehoming and those who are not suitable for a home stay here with no hesitation.

    Please feel free to scroll though the pages for educational material, available critters and other hobbies/projects I do in order to help provide for the love and care of our babies!

Candice Ann McIntire