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TAMUK Composites

T.A.M.U.K Composite Rabbits

The rabbits that we raise for meat on the homestead are called TAMUK Composite Rabbits.  We chose this composite domestic breed because they were designed for two primary reasons, coat color variety and heat tolerance!

The TAMUK rabbits are considered a composite breed as they are a cross of seven different breeds. They were originally begun by Dr. Steven Lukefahr at Texas A&M University – Kingsville. He wanted to create a hardy and vigorous backyard meat breed with a variety of coat colors, high production, strong feed conversion and heat tolerance! The seven breeds are New Zealand Red, Siamese Satin, Califorian, New Zeland White, Dutch, Champagne d'Argent, Harlequin, and Havana. Because the TAMUKs have long ears and thin fur coats they are able to tolerate our hot dry Texas Panhandle summers with temperatures in the 100 degrees Fahrenheit much better than any of the other breeds separately.

TAMUK rabbits come in a variety of colors. Examples of colors in this breed include agouti and black, blue, chocolate, and lilac, creme and opal, seal, Siamese, chinchilla, Himalayan, albino, steel, harlequin (Japanese and magpie), and red.

TAMUK size can vary adults should weigh a minimum of 10lbs. TAMUK Composites are typically ready to process around 10 weeks or once they hit 5lbs.

Lifespan of a TAMUK Composite is estimated 8-10 years however for breeding purposes we rotate our breeders out before this age hits unless kept as a pet. 

Sales, Hold & Cancellation Policy

🐇Sales Policy🐇

All sales are conducted in accordance with McIntire’s Mini Mansion’s Sales & Hold/Cancellation Policies, regardless of whether the buyer has read it or not. By inquiring about or purchasing a rabbit from McIntire’s Mini Mansion, you are agreeing to comply with policies in their entirety.


▫️All sales are FINAL, there will be no exceptions. There will be no refunds or exchanges.

▫️Payment in full is required to hold/reserve kit for pickup. Kits photos will be taken in-between 4-6 weeks of age and at that time can be reserved.

▫️McIntire’s Mini Mansion currently accepts cash, PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle and Square. Please come with exact amount due, as change is not always available.

▫️Rabbits are not allowed to leave until 8 weeks old, as it is illegal to do so. No rabbits will leave our possession until they are paid in full.

▫️We do not stud our bucks to outside does due to strict biosecurity measures. Please do not contact us with breeding inquiries. There are too many health risks and we care about the safety and health of our buns.

▫️If you buy more than one rabbit please know fighting and/or breeding will/can occur. We are not responsible for any injuries, disease, pregnancy or deaths that occur.

▫️I do NOT allow anyone under the age of 18 to purchase rabbits. If you are under 18 you MUST have a parent or guardian contact us.

▫️We reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason without explanation.


▫️Under NO circumstances will we sell a rabbit that appears to be sick or have any health issues. The rabbits are healthy to the best of our knowledge. Once the rabbit leaves our care, we unfortunately cannot make any health guarantee. We are also not responsible at any time for ANY vet or medical bills for your bunny once it leaves our rabbitry. We are not able to control what the rabbit is exposed to outside of our rabbitry or any problems that arise either directly or indirectly. There will be NO REFUNDS or replacements, this is a typical policy

▫️We do NOT guarantee weight, fertility, or temperament. It is the buyer’s responsibility to know what they are looking for in a breeding animal.

▫️All of our rabbits are good tempered. However, temperament issues can occur or develop later at any age due to hormones or unforeseen factors. We handle our rabbits on a regular basis and breed for both type and disposition. We attempt to expose our rabbits to noise and children and I will not sell any rabbit that shows any sign of aggression prior to sale. We cannot guarantee that a rabbit will never scratch, kick or bite. These are prey animals and it is in their nature to do so.

▫️We will sex our rabbits at least three times before they leave our homestead. Nonetheless, rabbit gender cannot be 100% guaranteed. We can still make mistakes. Always double check the sex of your rabbit before accepting delivery.

▫️Our rabbits may have line breeding in their pedigrees, once we get established line’s. Rabbits are designed to be line bred to a degree and any good stock will have some degree of line breeding in its history. This is different than people, dogs and cats etc.


▫️All pickups will be done here at our homestead on our front porch or inside. I will have only the chosen rabbit with me at this time.

▫️We are not a petting zoo or a pet store, there’s no meet and greet where I pull out 10 babies for 3 hours so you can touch them all, we have strict biosecurity measures in place for the safety of our critters.

▫️Due to my work schedule, I do not usually work with transporters. This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the transporter in question and my schedule at the time.

▫️When coming to pick up a rabbit please bring a box or a carrier. It is your responsibility to transport your rabbit home safely. I do usually have boxes on hand but just incase its best to bring your own.

▫️Communication is key! Rabbits must be picked up in a timely manner, any rabbits that are reserved and communication ceases I will have to assume abandonment and relist your rabbit.

▫️You should always check your rabbit upon seeing it to check for sex, type, teeth, whatever you may be expecting. Make sure the rabbit is what you are looking for before making a final decision.


▫️Rabbits are very sensitive to sudden dietary changes. All buyers are provided with a baggie of transition feed to mix with their own feed once the rabbit gets to its new home (We currently are feeding MannaPro) We also feed a rotation of Alfalfa, Timothy Hay, Oat, and Bermuda Hay.

▫️All of our rabbits come with support, and as such buyers are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns about their rabbit at any point in the animal’s life. I will do my best to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.

▫️If you ever cannot keep a rabbit you purchased from us, please contact me to offer the rabbit back. At my discretion, I may offer to take the rabbit back and find it a suitable new home. There will be no questions asked, and I do not charge anything for this service.


Buck, Doe and Kit Pricelist

Weaning to 10 weeks 

Kits: $25ea

10 weeks and up 

Bucks - $30ea

Does - $35ea

Unrelated Breeding Trio - $100ea

Meet Our Breeders

Red Female TAMUK Composite

Meet Our Breeders

REW Female TAMUK Composite

Meet Our Breeders

Red Male TAMUK Composite

Meet Our Breeders

Black Female TAMUK Composite

Meet Our Breeders

Brown Male TAMUK

Candice Ann McIntire
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