McIntire's Mini Mansion 


Fertile Hatching Eggs, Poultry & Waterfowl continued...

Ayam Ketawa

About our Pen

This pen just has me laughing daily every time I do chores. Our head roo definitely earned his name "Mr. Giggles"

Sanjak Longcrower

About our Pen

Pen is currently in the process of having numbers increased as hatching percent was not very high with my only hatching one breeding pair Mickey and Minnie. I will say I absolutely love going out to do chores and hear Mickey's long-drawn-out crow. 

Rainbow 🌈

About our Pen

Our Rainbow 🌈 is an assortment of beautiful egg colors collected from all our pure pens giving you a colorful collection of pure layers. 

Olive Eggers

About our Pen

Our Pen breeds consist of F1, F2, F3, and F4 Olive Eggers covered by 2 olive egger roos. This pen does have a 50% chance of frizzle.

Salmon Favorelles 

  Not available till 2023!!!  


Not available till 2023!!!

Chocolate Heritage Turkeys 

About our Pen

Who doesn't love Chocolate that dark savory sweetness, oh wait we are talking about Turkeys whoops! These guys are absolutely beautiful and BIG as they are already towering over my bourbon reds in size and still not full grown. We should be laying this Spring I'm so excited. 

Bourbon Red Turkeys

About our Pen

Oh, how I love my Bourbon Reds these guys are quite the characters on the homestead and always begging for treats and attention. They are always in my business and making sure I notice them when outside working on projects. 

Welsh Harlequin Ducks 

About our Pen

Our Welsh Harlequins are our only waterfowl on the homestead and make an enjoyable addition. They are an auto sexing breed which mean you can pretty much sex them at birth up to 3 days old with about 80% accuracy. Males after hatch will have a dark bill and females will have a light color bill with black tip. 

Buff Pomeranian Saddleback 

Beautiful babies will be available 2023, still growing out.

Indiana Blue Peafowl 

Not available till 2023!!!

Lavander Ameraucanas 

Not available till late 2023!!!

Emu Eggs

Not available until 2025

Candice Ann McIntire
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