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Fertile Hatching Eggs, Poultry & Waterfowl


We are not a large commercial hatchery and may have waiting lists for fertile hatching eggs and/or live chicks.

I currently do not have a "shopping cart" on the webpage. Please use Contact section of this website to msg me. I will respond to you within 24 hours, if I do not respond within 24 hours, please send follow-up email as some times emails can get sent to spam.

2024 Spring Fertile Egg Prices 

TX NPIP #74-4540

Our Policy Info...

⚠️When purchasing with us it means you have read and agreed to our policy, even if you didn’t actually read it⚠️

💥All sales are final refunds are only given if circumstances on my end prevent me from fulfilling the agreement. Ex: Flock no longer here💥

🐣*Policy/Disclaimer For shipped eggs*

Eggs are sold as Pre-orders (Prepaid). To get on the list for Eggs, you must pre-order & pre-pay. Eggs are shipped out in the order they were received. If girls slow down with their laying or go broody, eggs could be delayed. I will get them shipped out as soon as my girls allow. If any predators get flock or any other unexpected acts of nature preventing my completing your order you will be refunded unless a substitution is agreed upon.

Please note all preorders are considered final any cancelations will not be refunded.

My fertility rate at home is usually around 99% -100%. I test fertility often and do videos on my Facebook page of egg candling and outcomes.

📣Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee hatching with your eggs. Everyone has different incubation methods, and shipped eggs could arrive with scrambled air cells. If your eggs don't develop that does not mean that they are not fertile. NO REFUNDS! NO RETURNS!

I do guarantee the eggs will arrive intact. If they arrive damaged as in cracked or completely demolished I do a 1 time courtesy and you can message me for replacements. (Pics must be provided and I do ask shipping to be paid and I will send a complete full order) 

🐥*Policy/Disclaimer for shipping live chicks* 

💥Please note I have stopped taking live chick preorders due to employment change💥

I will not be doing a list for live chick shipping or preorders any longer but will post on Facebook as live chicks are available and if shipping is available with my weekly schedule, a set shipping fee of $60 will be added to all live shipments which covers Supply fee, Heat pack (if needed) and Shipping cost. If you decide not to follow through after purchase all funds paid will be considered forfeited or refunded at my discretion. 

McIntire’s Mini Mansions Poultry, Gamebird, and Waterfowl are packaged and shipped to anywhere in the contiguous United States giving NPIP regulations are met. All live orders are shipped USPS Priority Express and placed into an approved USPS shipping box with bedding, 72-hour heat pack if needed, Grow gel, and Dumor Non-Medicated Chick Starter.

I will only be shipping live on Mondays and Tuesdays depending on the distance traveled as I do not want to risk any babies arriving on a Sunday when USPS is closed. Most orders arrive in 2 days or less but can take up to 3. Your order should arrive no later than Saturday!!! Once your babies arrive USPS will be asked to hold them at the post office and call for pick-up. Upon shipment, a tracking number will be provided. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to track the package and ensure that it is picked up from USPS promptly as USPS reserves the right to rehome live poultry if considered abandoned. (If this happens, I will not refund or reship your order, but I will place you on my DO NOT SALE LIST as this is not acceptable) 

Our Live Shipping Minimum/Maximum are as follows (Please note you may mix the same poultry type to meet our minimum order requirements. Peafowl, Button Quail and Seramas are not available for live shipping unless juveniles):

Poultry: (Standard and Bantam) 6 Minimum / 20 Maximum (Ships April-November)

Ducklings: 6 Minimum / 15 Maximum (Ships April-November)

Goslings: 6 Minimum / 15 Maximum (Ships April-November)

Heritage Turkey 6 Minimum / 15 Maximum (Ships April-November)

Safe Arrival Guarantee:

McIntire’s Mini Mansion guarantees all Poultry, Gamebirds and Waterfowl to arrive healthy and alive. Please take a camera with you to the post office when you pick up your babies and take pictures of any that do not survive shipment so that it can be validated by a postal worker. If any of your babies do not survive shipment, they will either be replaced or refunded at my discretion and availability. Any babies that do not survive shipment and/or any issues and/or breed injuries must be reported to me within 24 hours of delivery and will need to include loss pictures in order to qualify for replacement or reimbursement again at my discretion. I will usually refund DOA's but not shipping cost.

NPIP Certificate:

McIntire’s Mini Mansion is a member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Our NPIP status is U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean. I will provide NPIP VS Form 9-3 at no charge automatically after the order has shipped via email. Please note we are not AI tested here so shipping is limited to certain states.

Cancellation Policy:

ORDER CANCELLATION REQUESTS MUST BE MADE AT LEAST WITHIN 24 HOURS OF SHIPPING. Please note all purchases are considered final any cancelations will not be refunded.

🐥*Local Chick Info/Policy*

I will incubate according to eggs available after egg preorders have been filled.

On local pickups, I will set a time on a weekend when chicks will be available for pickup on a 1st come 1st serve basis (No Holds). If local and wanting a specific breed you are welcome to preorder (prepay) and I will incubate breed for you to pick up after incubation. I do ask chicks are picked up within 48hrs unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.

✨ ️There is $1 boarding fee per chick for every week I hold for pickup, after 2 weeks if chicks are not picked up, they will be considered abandoned and will be relisted and any money paid will be forfeited and used for the critters here on the homestead ✨️ Feed, Electricity and accommodation are not free ✨️

Please note all preorders are considered final any cancelations will not be refunded.

Local Live Pickup Guarantee - Any babies that do not survive must be reported to me within 24 hours of pickup and will need to include loss pictures and brooder setup with temp visible in order to qualify for replacement or reimbursement.

FYI: Prices are not set in stone and are subject to change as our lines improve, but if you have pre-ordered (Prepaid) your price does not change as you are grandfathered in. 🙂 Thank you.

🐣🐥*Further Egg/Chick info*

I understand everyone wants Pullets, but you have to understand that Cockerels hatch too. If I have grow outs available, they will be sold mostly in pairs. As of right now, I will not be selling any single pullets unless I have a large number of just girls or girls that don't make the cut for SOP pens.

All chicks are sold straight run unless posted otherwise.  

*** I am not responsible if you end up with more Cockerels than you prefer if you buy straight-run chicks. Straight run is straight run. I cannot sex silkies for months. There does come a point when I can make an educated guess, but even then, I can still be wrong.

I do not take back Cockerels/Roosters.

I will not trade a Rooster for a Hen. I will not hold onto chicks until they are old enough to sex, just to sell you the hens.

Hens are offered very seldom. It is first come first serve when posted on Facebook as available. You may not vent sex my chicks yourself. I only have specific chicks available as I run on a small scale with multiple breeds. Therefore, I will not have mass amounts for you to pick through.

Egg, Poultry, Waterfowl and Gamebird Price List

Price List
Price List

Fertile Egg Price includes shipping; however Live Price does not include $60 supply/shipping fee. 

Serama's and Button Quail will not be shipped Live as they are very fragile but will ship juveniles as they become available.

FYI: Prices are not set in stone and are subject to change as our lines improve, but if you have pre-ordered (prepaid) your price does not change as you are grandfathered in. 🙂 Thank you.  

Fertile Egg Shipping Information

Egg Shipping Info
Egg Shipping Info

This is sent out with every fertile egg order which includes our disclaimer and little tips on incubation recommendations. 


About our Pen

Starting Spring 2024 we will have Silkie color seperated pens of: Blue, Buff, Mottled, Chocolate and Paint. Our pens will consist of all feather types, Silkie, Satin, Sizzle and Frizzle with 25%-50% chance of Showgirl and Stripper.

 Tolbunt Polish

About our Pen

Not much I can say about these beautiful Tri-color babies, they definitely add eye candy to any backyard flock. Our pen does have a 50% possibility of Frizzles thanks to one of our head Roo's HeiHei. Fun side project I am currently working on (in separate pen) is creating Naked Neck Tolbunt Polish 💕


About our Pen

The smallest chickens in the world but with plenty of attitude to make up for their small size. Our pens consists of both Traditional and Malaysian. Hoping to add Frizzel and Silkied in Spring 2024.

White Ameraucana's

About our Pen

Our beautiful White Ameraucana's definitely do not disappoint some of our lines come from Paul Smith & Gypsy show lines however I do not show personally but do keep this pen as close to SOP standards as possible.  

 Ayam Cemani's

About our Pen

Welcome to the dark side with these dark beauties. I have been working on my lines for quite some time and am very proud how far they have come - as they are a high cull breed. My breeders do not have any leakage, no white toes and currently oyster color tongues. 

White Face Black Spanish

About our Pen

When I first came across this breed I absolutely fell in love and had to have them. Their features remind me of a Mime or a clown therefore our head Roo is named Joker and he is quite the lady's man. This breed is on the critically endangered list, so I hope to help aid in bringing this beautiful breed back up in population. 

Bantam Millie Fleur Calico Cochin's

About our Pen

This pen has a long name as we have babies that are more of Millie Fleur coloring and some that are more considered a calico in color. I do currently have a solid white frizzle rooster in pen, as I am doing a project in trying to obtain more frizzles. If these are ordered there will be a possibility of a solid white to hatch.

Dark Brahma's

About our Pen 

This pen started out as a confetti pen with multiple colors and I ended up deciding to work with our hen Broody Betty as she was the one who was the most striking in her color and pattern so after a long search for others like her, we now have our Dark Brahmas

Blue Laced Red Brahma's

About our Pen

This is a new project pen here on the homestead so availability will be limited in 2024 as I am working on our lacing currently and bringing in new lines. I have 1 favorable Roo I have decided to start with so still a work in progress but moving in the right direction. 

Silver Laced Chocolate English Orpington's 

About our Pen

I have to say out of all my pens these babies are definitely eye candy. Beautiful uniform Lacing throughout their feathers. 

Please note when ordering hatching eggs from this breed it is possible to hatch a pure silver due to genetics and lacing gene.

Mottled Houdan

About our Pen

Loving these Black and White balls of Fluff. Eye candy for sure and also on the Livestock Conservation as Endangered. Houdans are a froofy French breed, crested with fluffy 'dos along with a beard and have a V-shaped comb and 5 toes.

Cream Legbars

About our Pen

The true blue egg layers on the homestead. 

Beautiful birds with adorable little crests.

Guinea Fowl

About our Pen

Assorted color pen and the pest control bunch on the homestead. They eat everything that enters their pen. Savages.

Current colors in pen are: White, Pastel, Lavander and Pied

White Leghorns

About our Pen

These guys are our main providers for eating eggs here on the homestead. 

Best layers around and a great addition to any homestead wanting to become a bit more self sustaining.

Candice Ann McIntire
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